Where to get a modelling portfolio done

A Modelling Portfolio That Won’t Ruin Your Budget And Won’t Ruin Your Career

The very first question you have to ask yourself as an aspiring model is whether your modelling portfolio is going to be your passport to the future or just a fun gig?

There is nothing wrong when someone wants just to try how it is to be a model, work with professional photographer and maybe make some extra money on the side. All I’m saying is that both ways need a different approach.

Amateur Model Portfolio

If you are going just occasionally to try modelling and you are not planning a career in this industry, then this article may be a little bit daunting for you. But hey, keep on reading. Even if you are not going to follow all of the principles I’m going to talk about, I may still have some useful tips for you. Stay calm and read on!

As an amateur model, you probably don’t need a professional modelling portfolio. Maybe you are just that girl next door whom neighbour appeared to be a photographer and invited you to the studio for a photo shoot. Possibly you’ve got a fellow photographer who needed a beautiful face for his session.
Maybe you created a portfolio on one of many modelling sites like modelmayhem.com or purpleport.com, but that is it for you. I presume you are not expecting to be a full-time, professional model who makes her living out of that.

On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to build a set of good pictures of yourself and put it out there. You never know, maybe one day a prince on a white horse will knock on your door and ask you to become the face of Loreal or Chanel? Unlikely but as they say – never say never. Sandra Bullock was spotted when she was serving breakfasts in local fast food.


As an amateur model, you can save money using digital portfolio only. Good quality prints are subject to a whole new article and can be very expensive.

Never, ever and I mean it, never send your selfies or pictures with your cat or your best friend to the modelling agency. I the best case scenario they’ll ignore you. In the worst, they will blacklist you.

Never pay anyone to get your portfolio done who promises you ‘guaranteed job’. If you are lucky, this person is just a cheater chasing your hard earned money. If you are unlucky, you could be targeted by criminals and potentially put yourself in very dangerous situation.

Professional Model Portfolio

Now we are talking. I presume that you are fully dedicated, and hard working person and modelling is what you want to do for at least next few years.

Professional modelling portfolio or just a “book”, should be your very first investment. My advice is to get your images printed. A decent set of images at your hand available at any time can significantly increase your chances to get your foot in modelling’s world door.

So actually where should you go to get your modelling portfolio done? It comes as a shock, but you need to find a photographer or studio who is specialising in modelling portfolios. That is right – with all respect to all fellow photographers making their living taking passport photos and occasionally photograph families and weddings when an opportunity comes. Modelling world, especially in the fashion sector rolls on its own rights.

Modelling agents are looking for particular types of images that your portfolio must have. It must become your swiss army knife that allows you to open doors to your future as a model.

No more theory, let’s get it done. The easiest way possible.

What do you need in your portfolio?


You need polaroids.

It is paramount. A word of explanation – polaroids also called unretouched are full body length photos in a bikini for female models or just pants for male models. This picture should be taken on plain white or grey background. Its purpose is to give your prospect employer an idea of your body type, silhouette and general appearance. A good photographer should know what to do when you ask for Polaroids for your portfolio.

You need variety in your portfolio.

By avoiding this mistake, you can significantly increase your chances for success. Never put into your professional portfolio photos from one session only.

Or you have to be very smart to make this one session looking like a million dollars. What I mean by this is different makeup, different clothing style, different lighting, different poses, different hair colour, different backgrounds, different props, different… shall I carry on?

You’ve got the point. It is much better, also easier, to book three to five different sessions with various photographers in several studios, to get the results you want. You may even go with one photographer if you like his style and you both feel the flow when working together. Different setup, however, can take your creativity to the next level.

It is important because no serious headhunter in modelling industry wants to risk the reputation and hire a brand new model. What they do want is proven track of your modelling career and adaptability.

Where to get a portfolio done?

Shameless plug here, at Pro Image Studio we do have five different settings. We do indeed. To be honest, we have five scenes, and each one of them can be tweaked and adapted to your vision, so as you can see the sky is the limit.

We also have many photographers specialising in various areas at your service, so why not get in touch with us and book your session straight away? It will cost you a little bit more than a single photo shoot, but you will get your full professional model portfolio done in one place with people you trust.

We have helped many models to get their feet wet in this highly demanding industry. The feedback we have received from them over the years gives us confidence that our services are what they need to grow and prosper in this rapid changing and fast growing industry.

The well-prepared portfolio is your key to get interviews and landing a contract eventually.
That is why you should put some initial effort to make it right the first time to benefit from it later on.

I hope that brief post got you a step closer to your dream job. If you found it interesting and valuable what about giving us some love and sharing it with others? Thanks a lot!