Photography Services

Photography Services

What is an LA Style Headshot?

Our LA style headshots are our pride and key factor that many well known actors and celebrities choose Pro Image Studio to get their photoshoot done with us. For those who are wondering what is the ‘LA headshot’, here is a quick explanation.

LA style headshot means that the picture taken is not only reflecting how do you look like but also what you represent, what is your role within industry you are in and what is your key message you want to send out to the world. For that reason taking a good LA style shot isn’t an easy task, because requires very close cooperation between model and photographer. It may take some time before we get it done, but our aim is to not let you go with just good photographs. No, we want you to scream, shout and jump when you see final results of our common efforts. We want to provide you with the quality that will take your career to the next level.

Actors Headshots LA Style High End Portraits
Actors Headshots – LA Style High End Portraits

Family Snap or Family Portrait?

What’s more touching than whole family enjoying themselves around the table over family albums loaded with memories and faces? We have been privileged to photograph the same families few times every few years, watching their children grow, noticing wrinkle or grey hair here and there. The point is that we know our stuff and we want to make sure that you will get the photography of your beloved ones that will tell its story even in 100 years.

Photography studio is pretty busy place, especially when there is more people involved in photo shoot, hence we really make sure that everyone, especially children is safe and enjoy the photo session.


Modelling Portfolio Worth Presenting to Model Agency

What we know about model agents is that they require quality, quality and quality. If you are just starting in modelling world the best practice is to look at your favourite agency website and check out what kind of style they prefer. We bet that if it’s reputable agency you can find similar photographs in our modelling portfolio. This is because we do it for decades and we know how to help you to achieve the best results and get the best out of yourself.

High End Modelling Portfolio
High End Modelling Portfolio

Ecommerce isn’t about selling, it’s about creating a vision of lifestyle that others want

Pro Image Studio is founded on two pillars, two dedicated, in-house photographers at your service. Those guys have built their reputation delivering high quality ecommerce photography to their clients. 

How would you define good ecommerce photography? We only know one answer – good ecommerce photography is the one that sells. To get your customers to buy your products you need to present a vision of better life and a dream that will come true as only they (your customers) purchase your product or you need to present them with the problem and solution to that problem.

The harsh reality is that there is so many kinds of products out there and each and every one of them needs different approach when it comes to presenting it to potential buyer. Lets have a look at simple example – are you selling sophisticated lingerie or heavy machinery? Both products need completely different approach and, so called, style. First of all, to sell any kind of clothing you need to present it on a model. That by itself requires a whole new approach to the project, there must be hair stylist, make up artist, wardrobe stylist. The same applies to heavy machinery example mentioned above. You may need to rent a special place to accommodate photoshoot of very large items. Probably you may need someone trained to maintain certain types of machinery.

As you can see there is a lot of factors to be considered when seriously approaching ecommerce photography. The number of customers we worked with and the number of projects we have accomplished on various fields of commercial photography make us believe that we can streamline your project and help you to achieve your goals




Our studio provides equipment hire, you can see full list and prices on our Pricing page. On request we can also provide make-up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists.

Are you looking for a fashion photographer in London? Maybe you need an advertising photographer to help with a campaign. Or an ecommerce photographer to boost online sales. Perhaps a headshot photographer for a quick portfolio refresh or an online portrait.

Here at Pro Image we don’t just provide an exceptional multi-purpose studio space but also a complete photography service whether you are looking for the above styles, or a glamour photographer, lingerie, boudoir you name it we can take care of it for you.

Pro Image succeeds as a studio due to being designed and built by two accomplished photographers.

Pawel and Jarek have an endless wealth of experience between them and are fantastic fashion and commercial photographers.

And they are not just rooted to the studio, as these images show they can create beautiful work in any outdoor setting that suits the brief or any venue a client may require their images to be captured in.

So if you need an E-commerce photographer of the highest standard, Jarek has an extensive track record in producing great work for a variety of commercial clients.

Perhaps you are looking for a boudoir photographer or a commercial lingerie photographer to help sell your designs, Pawel has a wealth of talent to create wonderful photography in these fields.

As you can see Pawel is also an amazing headshot photographer.

Jarek can deliver dynamic lookbooks whether you are someone requiring a model portfolio or a designer, or retailer needing a high end representation of yourself or you products.

And importantly being photographers first, Pawel and Jarek poses and have the intimate knowledge of the right gear, the right approach and the right setting to produce perfect photography whatever your brief.

At Pro Image Studio we can source – where needed – fantastic models, make-up artists, stylists and wardrobe and can offer advice and arrange a location or venue to best achieve the look you need.

We are prepared to shoot anywhere and often do as these images show. No matter what the photography requires, no matter what type of lighting, we have the experience and equipment to deliver.

With endless enthusiasm and an enviable insight in to how the most visually dynamic photography is achieved, Pawel and Jarek between them – or both together – provide the ideal solution to anyone looking for a skilled fashion photographer or commercial photographer in London.

And with their own superb studio at their disposal and a wide experience of all shooting briefs, all aspects of your photography needs can be dealt with by Pro Image studio without the hassle of bringing the strands together yourself.

Being a one-stop shop for fashion photography, commercial photography and any other genre or style you require makes your life easier and your pictures better.

Luckily both Pawel and Jarek understand this.

Jarek Duk

Jarek (sample work above) specialises in:

  • fashion photography (look books, editorials, e-commerce)
  • advertising and commercial photography
  • high end headshots and portraiture
  • modelling portfolios
  • boudoir and glamour

For bookings and quotations please contact us or call Jarek directly on 07590277287

Jarek’s website and full portfolio:

Pawel Spolnicki

Pawel’s website and full portfolio:

  • headshots and portfolios
  • modelling portfolios
  • boudoir and glamour
  • family portraiture