Pro Image Studio Review by The Professional Photographer

Why Photographers Like Pro Image Studio?

I asked one of regulars, photographer Rob Anderman, to say few words about Pro Image Studio and here is what he wrote.

Being a professional photographer…

…working in a wide variety of styles and disciplines, I often need to source great studios to deliver the photography my clients need.
Critically my studio choice must have the scale, scope and facilities for me to effortlessly turn a broad swathe of ideas and photographic requests in to fantastic images quickly and of course for commercial customers, within budget.

So when I have to find and hire a photography studio in London I’m fortunate enough to have already found the perfect answer in Pro Image Studio of Barking. One location, 2 wonderful studio spaces and simple all inclusive hourly, half day and full day rates including access to all their brilliant lighting gear, accessories, props, furniture and facilities.

I have shot…

…in a large number of studio spaces in London, some good, some…. well let’s just say ‘not so good’ and leave it at that. I’ve produced countless images for dozens and dozens of clients and every now and again I and others have been frustrated by the space I’m in.

But at Pro Image I have a professional studio for which the term ‘exceptional’ is no understatement and the number one recommendation for all my clients and other photographers alike. Such is the perfect balance struck by the guys responsible for the studio between high end technical performance, versatility, comfort and value for money.

I’ve shot over 80 people in there, and families, and products. No animals yet but I guess I’m just lucky. And every time I know that I do not have to think about the ‘what ifs’ or how can I stop this stand from falling over? Or where will my model get changed? Or any of the other challenges I encounter every now and again.

Far too many…

…spaces in London simply don’t have the size for your creativity, the distances you can get between you and your subjects. Far too many places in London simply don’t have a professional lighting inventory and a seemingly endless choice of modifiers to shape that light.

And far too many places in London are just a compact white box with some white colorama background. Nothing wrong with that, but when your image production can vary from fashion to family, glamour to product, headshots to fine art and beyond – to limit yourself to a studio lacking in the facilities to achieve multiple photographic styles gives you a hurdle to jump before you’ve even chosen a lens for your shoot.

And that for me is a critical point, choosing a photography studio to hire in London is as is important as the camera and glass you’ve loaded your bag with.

So why am I confident beyond doubt that I have found my perfect photographic partner at Pro Image Studio? Well as already mentioned…


I’ll talk about the two spaces in a moment but first let’s just get it down that studio A is 1000sq ft and B is 800sq ft. With high ceilings and long shooting perspectives everything I need to achieve is within reach due to the floor space and overall volume. Want to take headshots at 200mm? No problem. Full body at 135mm? Yup. Boom a beauty dish 12 feet in the air? Go for it.

Light a background, then a model half way down the room with no spill and still stand as far back as you would wish? Guess what…
Never at Pro Image do I have to think, oh I wish I’d brought my 24-70 to get all of this in frame. This is great news as I don’t have one.
And never at Pro Image Studio do you find what could be large teams of models, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists and clients tripping over each other as there is abundant space and designated areas for each part of the shoot to focus on their work, delivering smooth sessions after smooth session.

On to the…

…individual studios themselves

In Studio “A” we have a cavernous, clean, pristine and exceptionally executed and equipped professional space suited to pretty much anything you can think of. Best of all? The MASSIVE infinity cove. Oh show me an infinity cove and my knees start to go weak, show me one this big and perfectly curved and I could fall in love. The difference between a fixed painted cove and white paper on a roll is night and day, but still want to shoot on Colorama? No problem as the guys have a white and grey paper system on the adjacent wall for you too!
I’ve shot commercial fashion in here, portraits, model portfolios, even people riding around on bikes.

Pro Image Studio - Studio B

View at infinity wall, Colorama set and make up workshop – Studio A

Pro Image Studio Facilities

Studio A – overall view

“A” also boasts a run of professional make up mirrors with lighting, make-up desk space and high chairs for your shoots’ MUA to work their magic. A clean and comfortable kitchen, private changing screen and an out of the way seating area for those not involved in the shoot area.
And what a shoot area, the height, breadth and depth effortlessly allows you to explore your creativity and deliver on briefs without compromise.

Add in a full complement of high end Elinchrom lights, expertly matched stands and booms and a raft of modifiers some of which I had to ask the names of and we are comfortably in ‘best studio in London’ territory.
And comfort can be key on a shoot too. Our models, clients and support teams need looking after so with an on-site kitchen, toilet, changing and make-up areas never do we have any awkward moments of apologising for the lack of fundamental facilities anyone coming in to what is a work space would reasonably expect.
In short studio A gives me everything I require to complete on most briefs and has me wanting for nothing.
Imagine if our camera bodies did that!!

But oh there’s a Studio “B”. Downstairs, totally separate and private the boys who run Pro Image have built a space of wonder and magic. 4 individual and brilliantly appointed ‘room’ spaces each given a corner or run of the wall large enough for you to effectively have 4 totally different and self-contained stages for your images to be set within. Purposely designed with different floors, wall coverings, fixtures, fittings and furniture it is photography heaven. Fashion, glamour, bridal, artistic, high end editorial the prospects for what can be achieved with a camera in studio B are limitless.

Pro Image Studio - Studio B

One of the set up in Studio B

Pro Image Studio - Studio B

Do you need anything else?

Want to create a pretty domestic lounge setting? Studio B has it. Luxury hotel feel? Go “B”. Sumptuous velvet lined boudoir? Go on guess…..

Ah wait, what if the shoot suddenly needs a clean headshot or a crisp plain background set to complete the work? Well these guys understand how shoots evolve so you need not look surprised to discover there’s another Colorama system mounted on the wall downstairs too. And with the expected make-up and changing area too, varied lighting and modifier stock and a kick butt music system (there’s one upstairs too, don’t worry) studio B is Studio A’s beautiful and glamorous sister and has the capability of creating photographs that no viewer could imagine were taken on a light industrial estate on River Road in Barking.


Now, I keep mentioning the guys behind the studio but not so much that you think they will be hovering over your presence in their wonderful creation watching every frame you fire. On the contrary, these immensely friendly and affable chaps will just open up, show you the gear working, swap the odd modifier if needed, answer any and all queries then just disappear……probably off on a shoot of their own.

And as much as they are cool blokes to be around that’s exactly as you should want it. It’s your shoot. And for the duration of your booking it’s your studio, and your lights and your room sets.

And what is manifestly apparent is that the team that built Pro Image are photographers first and foremost.

And very fine ones too.

And they have built a studio for themselves.

And they knew that in doing so they would be building a high end, great value studio in London finished and stocked exactly as they, I or anyone else fortunate enough to call themselves a photographer would wish to find themselves shooting in.

If you are a client…

…booking a space ahead of securing a photographer, please help your lens guy out by booking this one.

For whether it’s your first time enjoying what a professional studio can do for your hobby or blossoming business, or you are a seasoned career snapper Pro Image Studio has it all. In spades.

  • Space and size
  • Equipment and facilities
  • Comfort and privacy
  • Adaptability and versatility

And not forgetting the perhaps most important but least exciting fact, value for money.

There isn’t a photography studio for hire in London that comes close. Trust me.

So when professional photographers build the ultimate venue for any concept, style or brief you get a booking for – you would hope the space looked like this.

Great news everyone, it does.




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