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Photography studio for hire in London

When looking for a photography studio for hire in London you will be faced with a variety of sizes, specifications and very importantly equipment.

And nothing is more important on the studio’s lighting inventory than modifiers. Of course without great lights in a wide selection of power ratings you have no light but without modifiers it’s just going to be a big harsh blast of brightness. It is modifiers that shape the light, that control and soften, or create deep contrast and beautiful shadows. The modifiers a studio has are a critical part of every shoot and as stated probably the most important accessory beyond your lens and subject. Because of this we keep all of them.

For those who might be new to studio lighting we are talking about the big (or small) things that you fit on to a studio light head. They diffuse and control the light as you need; you choose the right modifier for type of lighting you require. Most popular are the Softboxes, a fabric and metal frame modifier that produces a lovely smooth wrap around light that is perfect for the human face and body. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes they all produce subtlety different lighting outcomes.

The smaller the softbox the harsher the light and it follows that the larger boxes or 8 sided ‘Octas’ produce the softest light.

The big deep Octa we have producing the mellowest light of them all.

All of our sofboxes come with removable grids, meaning you can control things even further as a grid narrows the fall of the light meaning no lightspills where you don’t want it. Softboxes can light your subject, your background or be used as rim lights or hair lights such is their versatility.  But every photographer and every job can need more.

And again we have it all.

At Pro Image we love our beauty dish; such is the stunningly creative way in which it allows us to shape light. With a grid or without, diffused with a fabric sock or not it is our go to modifier for fashion, beauty and many other dynamic shooting briefs.

Partner it with one of our reflectors and you can easily create a beautiful ‘clamshell’ lighting effect that elevates your photography to another level.

If we could only ever have one modifier it would be this!

And of course, unlike some studios, we don’t just stop with these most popular studio lighting modifiers.
When hiring a photo studio you don’t want to be caught out with the wrong gear or not enough. So we also stock a selection of snoots for spot lighting, barn doors for control, umbrellas, various reflectors and large purpose built black and white polyboards (V-flats) to reflect or create shadows.


So as you can see, the lighting modifier inventory of any studio is the number one thing for you and your clients to be looking at.

And at Pro Image we have it all right here for you. Here you can find some interesting article from fellow photographer and his experience with us.