Photography Studio Facilities

Take a tour of photography studio facilities and let images speak a thousand words.

We do pride ourselves on our photography studio’s quality. Please look around our space and should you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our premises are bright, open-plans and spacious hence we are able to accommodate bigger groups of people. Please read our photography studio guidelines when booking a studio if you are planning on a larger shooting.

Some key features include

  • free onsite parking
  • broadband internet
  • complimentary refreshments


  • 1000 sq ft to unfold your creativity
  • 26 ft wide, 11 ft high INFINITY WALL
  • High ceilings
  • En-suite kitchen unit
  • Makeup area
  • Large windows
Studio Equipment
  • 4 Elinchrom Style RX 600 heads
  • Selection of Softboxes
  • Boom stand
  • Loads of modifiers
  • Colorama Rolleasy 12ft wide (white, grey, black)
  • Calumet Light Control Panels 3.5 x 6.5 ft (black, silver, translucent)
  • grids
  • reflectors
  • Maxi-Lite reflector (simulates sunlight)
  • barn doors
  • nice and shiny beauty dish
  • snoot

Photo_Studio_London-1Photo studio hire London. Photography studio hire. Large infinity wall and cove. Pro Image Studio.Photo studio hire London, large and white infinity wall, white cove. Pro Image Studio.Photography studio hire London, bright large studio. Pro Image Studio.Photo Studio Hire London. White, panelled wall at Pro Image StudioPhoto studio hire London, make up area, Pro Image Studio.140411_photo_studio_london_0003Photography studio London, white infinity wall. Pro Image Studio.Photo Studio Hire London Floor Plan


  • 800 sq ft of beautifully crafted shooting space
  • Several shooting sets
  • Wooden floors
  • Props and furniture
  • Dedicated makeup area
  • PLEASE NOTE that sets are refurbished and redesigned on regular basis so some colours and patterns may vary. Please contact us before booking if particular look is critical to your project.
Studio Equipment
  • 2 Elinchrom Style RX 300 heads
  • 2 Elinchrom Style RX 600 head
  • Selection of Softboxes
  • Loads of modifiers
  • Colorama paper backgrounds 9ft wide (white, black)
  • grids
  • reflectors
  • barn doors
  • snoot

Photo studio hire London. Great studio with several different shooting sets.Photography studio hire London. Beautiful jungle, rain forest set with brown, solid wood floor.Photography studio in LondonPhoto Studio Hire London. Red 3D wall at Pro Image Studiophotography studio hire London
Photo Studio Hire London. Grey and gold elegant panel wall at Pro Image Studio091115_Studio_web_082-EPhotography Studio Hire London Floor Plan


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