Interfit Super Cool-Lite 9 MkII Review by Pro Image Studio

Here at Pro Image Studio we pride ourselves on having the best lighting equipment so that our clients using the facilities can get exactly the look and performance they want. Whether cool clean product shots or dynamic portraits our priority is to have a variety of lighting stock enabling our customers to squeeze out every ounce of creativity on their shoots. So we are thrilled to have added to our arsenal these brand new continuous lights from leading manufacturer Interfit.

…delivers precisely the continuous light we have been craving here. It’s a compact and neat package that straight out of the box has delighted and impressed helping us to produce some stunning images. And this has been immediate, there is no learning curve – they give a constant and quality continuous light you can see directly in front of you, on your subjects. It couldn’t be simpler.


set your desired exposure and shoot! Lightweight and sturdy of build they have simple controls and operation is intuitive. And at less than 2kg a head they sit wonderfully in a studio environment but without the bulk of traditional strobes they also have a natural home on location.

Brilliantly Interfit have produced a light source that is also essentially silent. So they are perfect as a lighting solution for video too. At the heart of the Interfit Super Cool-Lite 9 MkII is an array of 9 corkscrew shaped fluorescent bulbs delivering controllable swathes of beautiful soft light.


and photography with melt away backgrounds, something that can prove a struggle with regular strobes. This is the massive difference with well-designed continuous light. You can, if you wish, drop the power so low and open up your aperture to throw that background out so easily. In this style of photography they behave more as if they were a natural window light as these fantastic shots illustrate.


as there are no maximum sync restrictions and white balance is 5200k, comparable to strobes and behaves identically to the flash heads we are used to so colour management is the same. Set it on the shoot or set it in post as you normally would. As you can see from the images we produced they give sumptuous light delivering wow factor photographs.

Even without a diffuser they are brilliant, but add on the supplied octabox and they can be astounding. Additionally they run totally cool, hence the name. Run a modelling lamp at full all day to see the shape of your strobe lights and you will encounter all sorts of problems. No such obstacle with the Cool-Lites. Cool, silent, precise and soft.Your clients and subject swill be blown away!


for sure but for us here in the studio we see them as a valuable complimentary addition to our equipment inventory. And certainly something we will be turning to for a variety of lighting effects previously out of reach, and encouraging all our customers to add in to their creative repertoire.

We’ve tried to push those lights to the limit in variety of scenarios (my friend Pawel shot couple of headshots and portraits and I’ve shot some fashion)  and now we’d like the results to speak for themselves!