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Infinity Cove Explained

Here at Pro image Studio we recognise that the best equipment and great facilities are essential for ensuring you enjoy a smooth and productive shoot. This means you get fantastic shots and your clients receive exceptional service and value for money. So when it came to having the best interior we set out our stall and had built the thing every photographer wants to see when they walk in to a studio.

A great big beautiful infinity cove.

For those who don’t know, an infinity cove or infinity wall is essentially your background and floor. The space around your subjects. And that space is critically important; you are taking a picture of it too. It’s performance and behaviour are crucial factors in the success of any shoot.
And the highest performing background you can have is an infinity cove.
We love ours and as you can see from the images we have good reason to.


Most people are aware that the backgrounds in the majority of studios are simply long rolls of paper. Typically called Colorama they have been an industry staple for decades. And Colorama still has a place today, we retain 2 systems across our 2 floors and they remain popular, adding versatility to the shooting options we provide.
But there are drawbacks.
It can slip down and start to lose that perfect curve, it can slide under a models feet and wow you should see what a wind machine does to it! All this means you have to stop, adjust it, try to get the right curve and start up again. And hope it didn’t crease or buckle.
It also picks up marks quicker. Place anyone or anything on paper and it gets mucky. So that’s a time consuming trip to Photoshop. And paper costs money. Studios charge by the metre so expect around £25 on top of your typical hire.
Size is limited too, very often you will not have the width for groups or large product shots, and this limits creativity as you have to shoot a fixed central frame. And the more you pull out the more you might pay.


So unsurprisingly we wish to give our customers the better alternative. And that is our purpose built, enormous, 26 feet wide 11 feet high bright white infinity wall. Occupying the entire width and running nearly the full length of Studio A our fantastic interior gives everyone the most precise background to shoot against.

No creases, no rips and no worries of the edges creeping in to your shot. It also stays cleaner for longer, much longer. This drastically reduces your post processing work, delivering sharper, more professional looking images when you click the shutter.
And with the surface being fixed and a solid white tone you are guaranteed an infinitely deep white background making your subjects pop and your photography shine.
Due to it’s impressive length, the shoot space it creates means you can place your subjects far from the back wall, giving you the opportunity to really express your lighting creativity or play around with long and dynamic shadows. And all the time you know that it’s solid construction will not move, bend, billow or do anything to impact upon your shoot.


It is simply cleaner, brighter and more robust than paper. It reacts to lighting better and you can move your lights anywhere without fear of rips. And stay within the clearly marked shoot space limits and it will cost you nothing extra.

Amazing consistent results.
Dramatically less post processing.
Spend your time shooting not straightening.
Shoot tall, shoot wide, shoot long and know every frame will be as perfect as the last.

It is no wonder that the best studios around the world insist on having an infinity cove, and when we built Pro Image we insisted on having one for you too.

Images shot on infinity cove. Yes they were all shot on the same, white cove, the only difference was lighting.

Below couple of images of the infinity cove at Pro Image Studio.