Fashion Photography by Jarek Duk

In a thriving dynamic, international commercial hub such as London

one of the most important and in demand services in the imaging world is fashion photography.

London is renowned for it’s incredible clothing designers, retailers and fashion houses from fresh start ups to global brands synonymous with cutting edge cool to high end luxury. A fashion hungry City rivalling New York, Paris or Milan. And anywhere on the planet where fashion is such an integral part of a city’s identity you will find the need for great fashion photographers to help translate bold ideas in to stunning photographs.

Jarek Duk has a vast wealth of experience in all aspects of fashion photography and knows full well the journey from the first spark of an idea drawn on paper to the beautiful images of finished garments and all the stages, investments and people involved along the way.

It is his experience and knowledge as a fashion photographer that enables him to deliver not just dynamic and often dramatic shots perfectly matching a client’s brief, but all of the services and processes required in achieving those fantastic results.

Great fashion photography can be a complex production, rather like a film set with teams of talent all playing pivotal roles in the shoot’s success. For this you need a fashion photographer who is not only a great artist and technician but also the producer, director and editor all in one.

Jarek has a well-deserved reputation of effortlessly combing those attributes to ensure his client’s shoots are smooth run affairs delivering perfect shots and great value. His lighting knowledge and techniques are particularly sought after in London, he doesn’t just have his own style but an in depth technical appreciation of the myriad of lighting requirements a fashion photographer needs in his arsenal.

However you want your clothing lit, Jarek can do it. Need inspiration from the photographer? Jarek’s love of fashion and photography means he can create a style and look to perfectly capture your clothing and brand, and communicate it to your target audience.

Jarek can source from huge pools of wonderful models too and only works with the best make-up artists and stylists. And being a studio owner, location is no problem at all. And if you need a different vibe from a location Jarek has the inside track on the best venues and spaces across London and beyond to give your photo shoot the wow factor it may require.

So from organising and marshalling the team on a shoot, to precise and stunning lighting and locations Jarek is the complete fashion photographer.

And let’s not forget the singular most critical aspect here, that being your clothes and the need to capture them the best way possible. This is the core of Jarek’s fashion photography.

Technically advanced and contemporary of vision yes, but always keeping sight of that timeless truth – that to display and sell your clothes you need really great photographs. For that you need a great fashion photographer.