-Equipment and high usage surfaces will be sanitized daily before your arrival.

-Antibacterial hand wash will be provided. Please wash your hands as often as possible.

-You will be required to arrive alone 15 minutes before your booking to check the facilities, settle the payment and sign the contract.

-No one will be allowed in the studio before you complete the above formalities.

-At the end of your booking, you will be required to ask your team to leave and stay behind alone to hand back the studio to one of our staff members.

-You will be responsible to exercise social distancing during your session. We recommend a maximum of 6 people per studio at any time.

-You will be responsible for the provision of PPE to the team members where social distancing is not possible (hairstylist, makeup artist etc.).

-People with symptoms such as persistent cough or fever will not be allowed to enter the studio.