What comes next in this article? LED Light In Photography LED Benefits When Should We Use LED Lights in Photography LED vs Flash Lights Examples where LED Or Flash Light Is Used In photography, light is a crucial element that impacts the quality of the images. Different light sources can be used to create different …

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Photography and Light

Lighting is the most important aspect of photography and taking a good picture. Photography actually translates in Greek as drawing with light. Knowing how to work with different light sources and lighting setups is one of the biggest challenges of photography. Beginners oftentimes don’t realise the importance that light plays in their photos and begin …

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Here’s Why Renting a Photography Studio is Worth Your Money

HERE’S WHY RENTING PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO IS WORTH YOUR MONEY For many photography projects, shooting outdoors or in a public space requires a lot of flexibility at the best of time with considerations and issues such as lighting, changes in weather, curious bystanders, and loud traffic all impede you and your team. All this and the …

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Quick Guide to Ecommerce Photography

What Is Ecommerce Photography? You may even like it enough to share it on Twitter Ecommerce Photography is not about selling a product. It is all about selling the LIFESTYLE.Share on Twitter First of all what we are talking here? Is it eCommerce, E-Commerce, ECommerce, E-commerce, e-Commerce or just ecommerce photography?Honestly, I have no clue which …

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How To Find A Good Photo Studio

As a professional commercial photographer, studio photography accounts for roughly two-thirds of all my work. Whether it’s editorial fashion, eCommerce, headshot, family photography or any other content my clients come to me for it’s often a studio venue is the correct location to deliver on the brief. Cool stuff, there’s plenty of studios about. Hey …

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Where to get a modelling portfolio done

A Modelling Portfolio That Won’t Ruin Your Budget And Won’t Ruin Your Career The very first question you have to ask yourself as an aspiring model is whether your modelling portfolio is going to be your passport to the future or just a fun gig? There is nothing wrong when someone wants just to try …

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Many Shades Of Fashion Photography

Fashion photographers are the new painters. Words by the master of cinematic images, Peter Lindbergh. And aren’t they? We must remember that Lindbergh’s influence created a brand new term – supermodel. His timeless pictures of Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz and many others not only made a mark in the fashion industry for …

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Building a photography studio from scratch

Infinity Cove – The Story Hi guys, We are going to share a bit of history behind the new studio you enjoy now. Blog has not been updated as often as we wish to, however as photographers we know that it’s a key to success to keep everyone up-to-date with our recent work and projects. …

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Fashion Photography by Jarek Duk

In a thriving dynamic, international commercial hub such as London one of the most important and in demand services in the imaging world is fashion photography. London is renowned for it’s incredible clothing designers, retailers and fashion houses from fresh start ups to global brands synonymous with cutting edge cool to high end luxury. A fashion …

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