Building a photography studio from scratch

Infinity Cove – The Story

Hi guys,

We are going to share a bit of history behind the new studio you enjoy now.

Blog has not been updated as often as we wish to, however as photographers we know that it’s a key to success to keep everyone up-to-date with our recent work and projects. So here we are – back on the track.

For the past few months we were very busy here at the Pro Image Studio working on a brand new studio and in this article, I’m going to tell you a few bits about it. Since 2009 Pro Image Studio is a brand if it comes to studios for hire in London, offering fantastic value for money for all our services.

Just a few months ago our lease came to end and we have had to look for a new place for our photo studio. It was an excellent opportunity to expand our business and take our photography studio a level further. We had three months to find a new place, a better place… and let me tell you something – finding a good place in an accessible location where they will not rip off your arm and leg due to rental price is not an easy task.

We had to find a place with good access to public transport and parking, safe and spacious enough to meet growing business needs.

After six weeks of searching the web, going to locations, daily phone calls, we finally found the place.

Photography studio to be

Here you can see some photos and a short video of the place before we put our hands on it.

We had to use a lot of imagination to visualize the final effect looking at this…
When the works started, it wasn’t too bad…
Getting there…
Studio B – works in progress

Work in progress:

We have estimated that it will take us around four weeks to bring the whole studio to life and we have managed it!!! Half of it, Barely… It was a much bigger project than we actually thought.

From the very beginning, we wanted to have a really big infinity cove.

This is something which good photography studio should have, especially when you think big and want to attract more demanding customers. Building it – from A to Z – took us eight days instead of four we were expecting! It was actually only one of few delays we encountered on the project. Below is the picture of the infinity wall being constructed.

Should you have any specific questions on the infinity wall, please leave it in comments below. We may write a more detailed post on building our infinity cove in the future.

That’s crucial part of the project – preparing the wall and base
A level of perfection beyond any recognition!
Guess what. We’ve done it!

Still a lot of work

Then we have found out that all the electrics had to be stripped off and redone from scratch which took another two weeks if not longer. Not to mention that we had to put down all the walls and repaint them several times.

There are tonnes of details that will make a long list here if I have to mention every single one like making a brand new toilet, kitchen, flooring, wallpapering, endless dusting and cleaning, etc etc.

But there is one thing that I remember very well. My hands full of splinters, blisters and bruises…

But hell, it was worth it!

Now I can shoot every day, sit down and have coffee in our comfy red sofa and enjoy the view of our beautiful studio. Nothing can compare to that feeling. If you want to experience the same, welcome daily between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Now, make yourself comfy and look at the…

final effect

Infinity cove and backgrounds
Pro Image Studio Facilities
Rembrandt with back lighting set
Makeup artist paradise
Kitchen. Fancy to shot here? No problem!
That’s our comfy red sofa!
Overall view at Studio A
One of the ready sets in Studio B
Studio B props
Studio B – different lighting, different mood!
Even more goodies in Studio B
Her Majesty Herself wouldn’t mind resting here!
Amazing, isn’t it?

We hope you like what you see. Our studio is our pride really!

To find out more about our photography studio or how to hire and book it, please visit this page.

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