What comes next in this article? LED Light In Photography LED Benefits When Should We Use LED Lights in Photography LED vs Flash Lights Examples where LED Or Flash Light Is Used In photography, light is a crucial element that impacts the quality of the images. Different light sources can be used to create different ...

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Photography and Light

Lighting is the most important aspect of photography and taking a good picture. Photography actually translates in Greek as drawing with light. Knowing how to work with different light sources and lighting setups is one of the biggest challenges of photography. Beginners oftentimes don’t realise the importance that light plays in their photos and begin ...

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Here’s Why Renting a Photography Studio is Worth Your Money

HERE’S WHY RENTING PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO IS WORTH YOUR MONEY For many photography projects, shooting outdoors or in a public space requires a lot of flexibility at the best of time with considerations and issues such as lighting, changes in weather, curious bystanders, and loud traffic all impede you and your team. All this and the ...

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