Fashion Photographers London, fashion photo by Jarek Duk

Fashion Photography by Jarek Duk

In a thriving… …dynamic, international commercial hub such as London one of the most important and in demand services in the imaging world is fashion photography. London is renowned for it’s incredible clothing designers, retailers and fashion houses from fresh start ups to global brands synonymous with cutting edge cool to high end luxury. A […]

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Finding your favorite portrait photographer.

An Excellent Portrait Photographer – how important can that be ? Whether you are an actor or performer, a beginner or professional, at some point of your career, you will need a service of a professional portrait photographer. You may need a picture for your latest single, maybe a profile image on your social media or […]

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Headshot photographer – passion for photography.

Headshot photographer – few words. Most of my latest photography work is in the studio setting and as a headshot photographer I am glad to have my own studio where I can spend most of those cold days not worrying about shooting in the field praying for a bit of sun. Holding a camera in my hand and a cup of […]

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Interfit Super Cool-Lite 9 MkII Review

Here at Pro Image Studio we pride ourselves on having the best lighting equipment so that our clients using the facilities can get exactly the look and performance they want. Whether cool clean product shots or dynamic portraits our priority is to have a variety of lighting stock enabling our customers to squeeze out every […]

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Pawel Spolnicki Photography Artist and Models

Portrait photographer London

When looking for a portrait photographer it’s great when you can find someone who not only works in a broad range of genres and styles, but who is also adept at precisely interpreting a client’s brief and delivering wonderful images that exceed expectations. Here at Pro Image Studio we are very fortunate to have one […]

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Photography Studio Hire London – studio lighting inventory

Photography studio hire London When looking for photography studio hire London you will be faced with a variety of sizes, specifications and very importantly equipment. And nothing is more important on the studio’s lighting inventory than modifiers. Of course without great lights in a wide selection of power ratings you have no light but without […]

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Infinity Cove – Photography Studio London

Infinity Cove Explained Here at Pro image Studio we recognise that the best equipment and great facilities are essential for ensuring you enjoy a smooth and productive shoot. This means you get fantastic shots and your clients receive exceptional service and value for money. So when it came to having the best interior we set […]

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Pro Image Studio - Studio B

Pro Image Studio Review by The Professional Photographer

Why Photographers Like Pro Image Studio? I asked one of regulars, photographer Rob Anderman, to say few words about Pro Image Studio and here is what he wrote. Being a professional photographer… …working in a wide variety of styles and disciplines, I often need to source great studios to deliver the photography my clients need. […]

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Building a photography studio for hire

Building a photography studio from scratch

Raising from ashes Hi guys, We are going to share a bit of history behind the new studio you enjoy now. Blog has not been updated as often as we wish to, however as a photographers we know that it’s a key to success to keep everyone up-to-date with our recent work and projects. So […]

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Photo studio hire London. Photography studio hire. Large infinity wall and cove. Pro Image Studio.

Welcome to Pro Image Studio’s blog.

Hi Guys, Since number of our loyal customers, friends and social media followers across many platforms keeps growing we have decided to start this blog so we can more easily and regularly update you guys on what’s going on in our studios. Keep an eye on this space (feel free to bookmark it) there is […]

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